The Green Key label

label la clef verte

An establishment labeled Green Key is:

eco-friendly accommodation and natural resources, which meets criteria relating to water, energy, waste, cleaning products ...
The Green Key is a voluntary label awarded each year by an independent jury to the entire sector of ecological tourist accommodation: hotels, campsites, lodges, bed and breakfasts, tourist residences ....
The jury asks for a follow-up of the evolution and the improvements of the candidates.
Criteria are established at international levels and common to all countries. They are re-evaluated every year to keep the avant-garde and meet the environmental requirements of the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE).
This reassessment is carried out jointly with all the national coordinators of the label. France hosted the international coordination from 2002 to 2008. From now on, the Netherlands is in charge.

They cover different fields of environmental management:

  • ENVIRONMENTAL POLICY: General Environmental Management, Employee Training
  • WATER MANAGEMENT: Resource management and sanitation, faucets, watering
  • WASTE MANAGEMENT: Waste sorting, volume reduction
  • ENERGY MANAGEMENT: Management of energy resources, heat, domestic equipment, lighting
  • RESPONSIBLE PURCHASES: Food, maintenance, other purchases
  • FRAMEWORK: Indoor environment, outdoor environment
  • ENVIRONMENTAL AWARENESS: Information to guests, nature activities

Camping Le Rey and the Green Key label

Since June 2003 we have focused on the protection of its fauna and flora and to preserve this environment. The Green Key approach seems to us a valuation of our actions and a framework to extend our approach. At home, weeding is done by hand, the plants chosen are local species requiring no or very little water, no pesticides or fertilizer. Nature is going at its own pace. & Nbsp;
Our purchases are thoughtful and we favor environmentally friendly products, both for small and large purchases. Maintenance products & nbsp; mostly carry the European Ecolabel, Ecocert or WWF. We are equipped with water reducer, automated faucets, motion detector or timer to manage consumption. & Nbsp;

We got the Green Key label again this year and we are very happy with it.
This label is the recognition of the idea we have of our activity and our commitment to respect the environment.